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Seems fitting to sit down with one of the UK’s top surfboard shapers to talk about trends in boards over the last year right as the winds that have plagued surf opportunities are about to lift ( with air temperatures) and bring some good old Christmas swells to see the year out.

Enter Matt Adams, coffee in hand and 20 minutes to spare before setting off for the afternoon to laminate a range of custom surfboards from his factory in Cornwall.

Well Matt, an old question but one everyone asks it in these style interviews, surfboard trends and what’s to come?

Matt – Still been a lot of short and wide this year which is fitting for a lot of our high performance models. In particular we have been able to meet customers expectations with boards like the Tonka and the Option, both have plenty of volume and a relaxed rocker. Plenty float and plenty speed and good high performance models. There’s also been a big resurgance of the salute to retro shapes and our fishes and retro twinny’s have really done well. It’s a pleasure to shape them.

Whilst you cater for the top athlete and your team riders have been taking titles with the likes of Lucy Campbell’s amazing year and the British Women’s Champion title to boot there still seems to be an element of keeping in touch with the everyday Surfer…


Adams Surfboards

Matt – Absolutley, everyone on our team does well and Lucy rides the P17  which is an amazing board and we do sponsor some amazing Surfers who ride our high perfomance models really well. We do strive for top end surfing but we have been shaping a long time and our Surfers have been surfing a long time and need boards that adapt to their lifestyle changes. We all want to be on the water everyday and pushing ourselves at the top level but things change, life catches up and we just can’t hit it everyday so our intermediate surfer looks for a board that will give  maximum wave count but not cut on performance. That’s also meant that new surfers can use our intermediate models as their first go to performance board. Our most popular boards here have been the Hypro and Cobra. It’s refreshing this year to see so many surfers embrace the reality that they don’t need a tiny low volume board under their arm with a super pointed nose and the average surfer these days is more educated in shapes and types of boards. It’s a great time to be shaping with customers, we are all on the same page. We share a lot of knowledge on our guide on our website so check it out, it’s a great starting point.


And round the corner, what’s changing in shapes for 2018? 

Matt-  Well, a lot of our shapes are really modifications over the years of winning templates and ideas. We shape boards for surfers  and our boards are ridden all over the UK and Europe, they are test ridden everyday you could say and we listen to feedback. So any changes are further modifications and advances on our current shapes but we have a few new ideas up our sleeves too. We always have new boards to make and new ideas to play with, it’s an art form really and always evolving. As long as our customer base want us to keep shaping them boards that’s what we’ll do and that’s what’s its all about for us, just keeping it real and crafting great boards and seeing our team and customers ride them, all ages, no matter – it’s all great.


Have a query on one of the shapes on our website or like to talk to Matt about a custom board? Adams Surfboards ships anywhere in UK or EU. You can talk to us on or call Matt himself at the factory on 01637 873319

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