The Shuttle

The Shuttle Adams Surfboards

The Shuttle - Adams Surfboards


The revolution and evolution of surfing in this day and age.

Let’s start from the bottom, this board sports a shuttle tail, to describe would be a thumb tail with wings.
This means having the width on the back rails but having the looseness of a thumb tail.
The rails are slightly winged above the fins with the main width underneath your front foot.
This means more projection when surfing down the face of a wave. There is thickness all the way through this board for maximum float.
Double concaved. Recommendations are to ride this board 4-5 inches shorter than your standard shape.
This board can be ridden in standard 3 fin or 4/5 fin setups.

Sizes 5″4″ to 6″6″

Waves 1 to 5ft

Shuttle Dimensions

Price UPTO 6’5 £489 – 6’6 TO 6’10 £525
in clear finish with fins.


Order this board to your exact requirements (Delivered in 3 – 4 weeks approx). Once you have checked out you will be directed to the board order form where you can enter the exact dimensions required for your board.