The Hack Surfboard

The Hack - Adams Surfboards




The hack has been designed for the p series fans chasing the same feel and performance for when the waves get slightly bigger.

Hack is positioned at the high performance end of the category with its best performance in average 2-6 feet conditions.
It’s med rocker, subtle single to double concave gives the hack as much speed as a p series shortboard, with a rounded pin you can utilize all your speed throughout your turns.
If your most common conditions are fuller shaped waves or you want one board that does everything well, rather than a different board for all sorts of different conditions you will find the Hack fits the bill

This boards is somewhat of a hybrid from a section of our performance range, taking the best elements of this years boards, ie flatter rockers and wider templates.
The perfect go to board.
If you could only take one board travelling this winter to surf all types of conditions,this is the one.

Hack - Dimensions

Price EPS UP TO 6’5 £539 – 6’6 TO 6’10 £599
in clear finish with FCS II fins. PU FROM £449


Order this board to your exact requirements (Delivered in 3 – 4 weeks approx). Once you have checked out you will be directed to the board order form where you can enter the exact dimensions required for your board.

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