Stingray Surfboard

Adams Equalizer Surfboard

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EPS UP TO 6’6 £539 –  6’6 -6’10 £599


Order this board to your exact requirements (Delivered in 3 – 4 weeks approx). Once you have checked out you will be directed to the board order form where you can enter the exact dimensions required for your board.

The Sting Ray Surfboards from Adams was inspired from one of our riders in Ireland. Heavy water and big waves we wanted to create something with paddle power for early drop in and then accelaration into good hold and performance. We drew the inspiration from an original Bonzer formula, low rocker and the modern duck tail. Set as a five fin with concaves the board has a nice flat middle into concave with the fin selection then determining the style of ride. Five fin for a bonzer feel, 2 plus 1 for cruiser and quad for locked in speed. You can ride the Sting Ray as a bigger board with small board characteristics, imagine a cruise model with a whip in the tail. Turn on the speed and hold and then go loose. You are in total control. Board shown is in resin tint, 7ft x 22 x 27/8.

Full Rail3 Fin ThrusterWaves 1 to 5 FeetRounded PinFCS 2 FinsFCS FinsFutures Fins

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