Adams Ripoff


The RIP-OFF is Matts take on the new range of forward thinking boards from across the pond and what you have is almost a high performance fish outline, with straight rails to minimise drag and to offer drive and projection off the bottom with a complex tail design, we call the ducks foot which is designed to reduce drag, let you to pivot off the top, get real response and control.

The bottom gets lots of attention too with single concave running into a quad concave and exiting through four channels, this adds to the control and sensitivity of the board when on the rail and allows a dynamic water release. This board is an amazing balance of power, drive for critical  surfing. It is designed to create a new level of speed and more traction in the pocket than ever before and it also includes carbon flex control on the both sides of the board to keep your board feeling more energetic, and with a wave range of 1-8ft this is a very exciting board for us and surely the board of 2018

Rails Medium5 Fin Quad or ThrusterFCS 2 FinsFutures Fins

EPS £539 in clear finish with FCS II fins – PU FROM £449


Order this board to your exact requirements (Delivered in 3 – 4 weeks approx). Once you have checked out you will be directed to the board order form where you can enter the exact dimensions required for your board.

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