Grom Series Surfboard




An adaptation of our popular hypro range.

Utilising a hybrid outline formed from a pin/narrower tail.
The Grom Series offers all of the drive and leverage points that you can expect from a dedicated floatier board, while the tucked in round tail still allows positive tight turns where you need it and allows you to progress with control and plenty of float. Who says Grom’s dont push hard on the water? This board is the gateway to progression and as you grow the skills will be re- applying back to this model over and over. One of the best combination of proven shapes encompased into one amazing board for our younger surfers.

Like the look? Give us a call and let’s talk it over or send us an email on

Price £300

6’0 x 20 1/4 x 2.5 ( 35l)
in clear finish without fins.


Order this board to your exact requirements (Delivered in 3 – 4 weeks approx). Once you have checked out you will be directed to the board order form where you can enter the exact dimensions required for your board.

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