Adams Shapes EPS Equalizer rider review

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Adams Shapes Equalizer Surfboard EPS rider review.

The Equalizer – EPS with Bio Resin, 6ft 6 x 22 x 3 single fin plus 2 (FCS II)

My first thoughts on looking at the new EPS shape from Matt and the guys at Surfboards UK in Newquay was that they had sent me the missing link. I have been a rider of big boards for decades and in my mid 40’s at 100kg but still pretty fit and active let’s say I was hoping that this shape I was fearful might be the dud of the quiver just sent over for testing in Ireland.

I say missing link as I was hopeful, I am often riding a 9ft 6 but play around on fishes and large quads but haven’t really got on with mid-lengths in the past. In fact, they are akin to fads to me and only last a few months, like many I end up spitting and drawing back to being a purist for shapes and their dims.

At 6ft 6, which is every board in the EPS quiver from Adams Shapes, The Equalizer is reminiscent of an egg shape in look and I have wanted to ride a small single fin for a while now. For sure this could be a step board from long to small but as a round tail and three thick it had me thinking that it was the missing link for those days when it gets a bit bigger on a long board and I want to keep that big board feel and bank a big rail.

Sitting in the line up next to me is a veteran surfer on a brand-new custom 9’8. The usual banter is back and forth and then the familiar dialogue of how wish it was bigger and big swell needed for big board. Am wondering why on this clean 4ft offshore swell why he isn’t catching and when he is on the odd one, am seeing the speed just go out of his paddling efforts.  It is a summer wave and pretty gutless so fair enough. Try a later drop am thinking for the guy, but on a ten-foot board that’s a risk to a lovely nose dive, not the most gracious but we have all been there. Trying to stick to my idea of staying on the one board today and set with an 8.5 flex fin with side bites paddling around the Equalizer at 45ltr has so much float going in and out between the waves I am now 5 to the long boarders 1, purely due to how light the board is to paddle around and its speed. I am starting to think that 10ft would normally be the board am on but today am on a 6ft 6, nuts. I have other boards that can ride short in these conditions but it actually feels like am on a longboard. First few waves to get the timing right and then clean as a whistle a 4-footer take off right in the pocket and a swoop into a bottom turn and the board takes flight in a glide that has so much speed I am cranking down with an arm out and tucking tight into the wave, board holding really well. It feels like have gone back to the 70’s in style but am in the 21stcentury in technology and design. At the first top turn, nice and high have already anticipated that my speed is three times what have expected at this point and head left and down and arm up wide it’s a swooping cutback to go down and crank another wide speed turn.  Smile and repeat for the next three hours. Though light and so fast can hardly wait to try the other boards my mind is already now wide open to possibilities for this board. Travelling with a big board now has just become an option, and at 6ft 6 short is suddenly the new long.

Owen Waters.

Owen is one of Adams Shapes riders and an accomplished surfer and windsurfer now living in Ireland. If you would like more information on our EPS range or keen to try one of our demo boards in Cornwall please contact the factory or email


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