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Want to upgrade your Adams Surfboard Quiver?

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Like the look of the 2018 Surf Boards from Matt Adams Surfboards and want to upgrade or add one to your quiver? 

Don’t blame you mate, so do we. To be honest we love boards, we love shaping them, riding them – we are a high performance Surfboard company and that comes with trying and testing and moving onto new boards all the time. The boards you ride as a grom are different to your twenties and fourties as are you a different size person and a different surfer utlimatley. To get a new board is great and sometimes literally the board you had for last season may not be the one you want for next. You progress, your current board is great but that’s life, you want to try different flavours.

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At Adams Surfboards we take pride that Matt is one of the best assets on our team as a talented shaper and someone who can read what you might want in your next board. That’s something everyone wants from their local shaper and honestly if you are in Newquay, Ireland or Spain once we get talking with you the shaping experience feels local, we are shaping for you and where you surf in mind.

That’s why we keep our communication open and don’t like just to sell as a straight shop, its about the experience for us and we take pride in knowing that we have put the right board in the right hands. So for that reason if you have a Adams Surfboard from us, were happy to talk trade in and value its condition and give you part exchange on purchases on any 2018 new custom order that isn’t under offer.  We also offer deals on quiver boards and can ship across Europe and the UK as well as both Northern Ireland and Ireland.

If you would like to talk to us about any of our shapes, were keen to do that and get you the right fit. Email us or place an order through our web page, we will always contact you first before we start a board to make sure it’s right for you.

Hopefully we’ll all have a great year for waves and ride all the boards we want. Keep up the stoke and thanks for all the support to me, my team and our boards that we love to make for you all – Matt.

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